Hardy Ginger varieties usually 3 to 5 feet height, prefer partial shade
humid climate with good drainage soil. Produce fragrance flower of white,
cream, Yellow, Orange, Red, Peachy Pink and Mixed colours. Fragrance of
citrus / Hyanthaus, early and late flowering. Dwarf and variegated varieties
are available.
Some Known Helicornia Flowering plants, related to Musa family, produce hanging and
erect flower,
Height 1 feet to 10 feet ,need humid humus rich soil. Used as Pot plant,
landscaping plant and for cut flower production, It includes psittocorum
verities latispatha, Stricta, Caribea varieties, Rostrata, Vellegera varieties etc.
Psittocorum varieties mainly for landscaping and cutflower 3 to 4 feet.
Latispatha- Landscaping varieties
Stricta- Usually red colour and cutflower . Height -4 feet
Caribea varieties- cut flower variety above 5 feet Height
Rostrata and Vellegera varieties are hanging Varieties
Leaf varigated varieties- for cut leaf and for landscaping
Propagation – Rhizomes (Suckers)- Seeds (Variables)Varieties
H. Gardenerium (Golden Yellow,Scarlet Stamen)
H. Greeni (Orange Red)
H. Coronirium (White Butterfly)
H. Coccineum (Orange Red)
H. Flavenscens (Cream)
H. Ellipticum (White)
H. Elizabeth (Pink)
As a pot plant, for landscaping and perfume industry
From suckers, rhizome cutting, seeds (variable)
Organic Compost added the soil, N.P.K 20:20:20, 3 grm per ltr.