Guavas (Psidium – Guvajava)
Ever green Tropical shrub, belongs to Myrtaceae Family, grow in humid and dry
climate, is a commercial tropical fruit plant. Fruits are rounded / Oval / Pear
shaped, 60-200g wt, varieties differ in flower pulp colour, seediness and
height. Pulp may be white , yellow, pink and Red. Fruit contain several vitamins
A,B,C, minerals antioxidant, flavanotes, UV protection factors, dietary fiber, low
fat and sugar, rich in K+, Mg + +, Ca + + and Mn++.
Cultural Characters Full sun light ,Well drained soil, Ph 5-7 , Grow in containers /
ground. Pruning and shaping occasionally done. Fruits bear at new growth. Pests- Mealy Bug, Scales, Ants, White fly –insecticides spray. Wilt disease occasionally seen.