About us

Paradise plants Nursery was established on 1994. We havewide collection of rare varieties of  Ixora, Hedychium, Plumerias, Dwarf guvas, Canna, Calathea Heliconai’s and  Groundcover. There are 150 different varieties of Plumerias, 10 varieties of New Exotic Hedychium. We have large collection of heliconias gingers. We started research andbreeding programs on 2000, mainly on plumerias, Ixoras,Hedichiums and guvas varieties. As a result we developed more than 150 varieties of Ixora differ in colour petal shape. Leaf height, Fragnant varieties suitable for Pots, Ground, Apartment Gardens & Landscaping purpose. We have member of Indian Nursery Men Association. We have well irrigated 2½ Acres of land. Where creation of plant Varities by  Selective closed pollination, reversed breeding, Selection of variants by field trial, evaluation of variants, multiplications done. We have a research unit constantly trying to improve each and every parts of plants to get maximum yield with minimum requirement and disease resistance varities. We mainly concentrating on 1) Improving chlorophil content in leaves so more vigorous and healthy plant growth 2) good root system resistance to root rot, Drought, nematods infestation, Salt tolerance etc.. 3) More branching, bushing dwarf plants to get good architecture look. 4) plants differ in varies in difference heights, different New colour Shades suitable for specific purposes 5) Profuse flowering through out year – shorten vegetative cycle 6) To increase number of flowers in inflorescence. 7) Differ in petal colour, shade , Size, Arrangement of petals 8) High, flower to leaf ratio, 9) To improve cultural and propagation methods. 10) To produce